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Greetings, Friends of the Queen!

We’ve been quiet thus far this year as we’ve been upgrading our website, which is now NEW & LIVE! (Woo!). It has all of our usual goodies but with a fresh, clean 2022 look, plus:

FREE SHIPPING for orders over $100 (subsidised $4.95 Shipping for orders over $30.00).

AFTERPAY & ZIP PAY, GOOGLE PAY, APPLE PAY, plus our usual Credit Card & PayPal options.

GUEST CHECKOUT for those who prefer not to have an account & password, or

CREATE AN ACCOUNT by ticking the ‘Create Account’ box after you’ve entered your Billing Details on checkout when you place your first order on our new site – sorry, you’ll need to do this the first time even if you’ve registered with us before. Creating an account means you can view your orders, and checkout will be simplified next time as you’ll already have entered your details.

Aroma Queen Website

DISCOVERY PAGES – a new section containing a bundle of easy to follow reference pages on how to use our products: Aromatherapy Safety & How To, how to burn Different Types of Incense, what each type of Smudge Stick is commonly used for, a step by step Tutorial on Resin Incense – and many more.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to add a massive bundle of NEW PRODUCTS, which has enabled us to DROP THE PRICE on a number of our favourites, including our premium AUROSHIKHA RESIN STICKS. Scroll down to see some of the new additions!

We’d love to hear any feedback on the new site – please do send us a message if you have any thoughts.

We’ve also experienced our fair share of flooding where we are on the Mid North Coast of NSW (don’t ask!) – if you’re experiencing the ongoing effects of MOULD as a result of all this wet, scroll down for a blog on how to treat and inhibit it using natural oils and ingredients.

We do hope all of our Friends of the Queen have stayed safe during the crazy year we’ve had so far.

xx The Queens


PRICE DROP: Auroshikha Resin Sticks

We’ve restocked all of our gorgeous pure Resin Sticks and added a new scent – premium BENZOIN SIAM, plus have dropped the price across ALL of the range – now from $7.95.

New MARBLED stick scents for everyday burning: Pine, Honeysuckle and Rosemary.


NEW: Lavender 38/40 Oil, France

A beautiful new Lavender oil recently in – 38% linalyl acetate / 40% linalool which are the two primary aroma compounds occurring in Lavender, creating a standardized Lavender aroma with a minimum of variation between batches. Still a pure essential oil with all the benefits of Lavender – $11.95 / 10ml.


NEW: Tibetan Dhoop Scents

New scents added to our massive range of natural dhoop sticks:

* Bdellium * Benzoin * Cinnamon * Citronella * Rosemary * Spiritual Healing * White Sage * All $9.45


NEW: Ayurvedic Resin Blend

A Nepalese incense powder formulated to soothe the mind & nerves, and help clear the senses – it can also be used to purify the air. Made from finely ground pure herbs and botanicals, the scent is earthy, clear and refreshing.

BACK IN: Atomisers & Perfume Kit

We’ve restocked our 8 / 10 / 15ml Atomiser, Dropper & Perfume Bottles in premium glass with metal fittings, and updated our Water-Based Perfume Kit which includes everything you need to create your own natural perfumes – just add your own oils or blends.


NEW: Nepalese Rope & Burners

Expanding our range of handmade Nepalese Rope Incense, we’ve added WHITE SAGE, CEDAR & MEDITATION BLEND scents (our new personal favourite!).

We’ve also added two new handmade burners – our hanging Rope Burner Stand is now available in black stain or natural clay finish ($14.95 each) and the new Rope & Stick Burner Dish which works for rope incense as well as standard sticks or thicker dhoop sticks ($14.95).

NEW: Incense Cones

For those who like their incense cones, we’ve added plenty so far this year:

* Our own AQ Handmade Nepalese Cones range has been expanded to include: Agarwood * Juniper * White Sage * Nag Champa

* New Tulasi Cones in: Nag Champa & Sandalwood * Nag Champa & Lavender * Nag Champa & White Sage * Nag Champa & Palo Santo * Sandalwood

* Our Auroshikha Marbled cone range has been restocked too – 13 scents to choose from.


* Bulk White Sage Clusters & Leaves

* Amber Resin Drawer Boxes & Golden Amber Resin

* Palo Santo Resin

* Candle Warmed Resin Censers

* Cinnamon Bark Oil



If you’re having trouble with mould at the moment, there are many essential oils & natural cleaning methods that can help.

Without question, CLOVE OIL (‘Oil of Cloves’) is the first oil to turn to – it helps both kill existing mould, as well as inhibit mould regrowth. We cover this in more detail (with plenty of other cleaning tips & recipes) in our CHEMICAL FREE CLEANING ‘DISCOVER’ PAGE.

GROUT: regularly wipe with bicarb/vinegar, and do a proper clean using a bicarb & water paste with a couple of drops of clove bud oil added to the mixture. Apply with an old toothbrush, allow to sit for a few minutes, scrub again and rinse – splash an extra drop of clove oil through the rinse water to help inhibit mould growth.

SILICONE: To treat light mould make a bicarb & water paste (add a drop or two of clove bud oil to help kill and inhibit mould growth) and scrub it over the area with a toothbrush. Repeat a few times if necessary.

SHOWER CURTAINS: To avoid mould, regularly wash on a cool cycle in your washing machine and add a drop of clove bud oil to the rinse water to help prevent mould occurring.

WASHING MACHINE MILDEW SMELL: Run an empty load with one cup of bicarb and two cups of vinegar added to the rinse cycle.

WALLS – MOULD PREVENTION: To help prevent mould on painted bathroom walls add a couple of drops of clove bud oil to the rinse water every time you clean.

WALLS – MOULD REMOVAL: Splash 5 drops of clove bud oil through half a bucket of water. Wipe over with a sponge and allow to dry – the clove will continue to kill the mould which you should be able to dust off after it has dried. To avoid brushing mould spores through the air, use a damp cloth to dust off after the clove mixture has dried.


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