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Scent your life – Naturally

Scent is important to everyone. Our sense of smell is the most immediate sense of all: our nose is directly linked to the brain, where a familiar aroma can trigger long-forgotten memories. Certain scents can calm, restore or revitalise the mind, while other naturally scented ingredients can carry healing benefits for the body as well.

But commercially, scent isn’t everything that it seems. These days most people are aware of the toxic petrochemical ingredients and synthetic fragrances that weigh down our supermarket shelves, filling not only our commercial body care and cleaning products, but also many of the scented ‘wellbeing’ products that are supposed to make us feel better. Asthma, allergies and skin sensitivities are becoming commonplace as we become completely surrounded by chemicals.

Yet our planet is full of the most amazing natural perfumes & scents, and fabulous natural ingredients beneficial for the skin, body and mind. At Aroma Queen, it is our aim to bring these natural aromatic products together for you to enjoy.

  • RELAX in a luxurious aromatic bath scented with premium pure Essential Oils.
  • CHILL with all-natural handmade Himalayan Incense, pure Frankincense direct from Oman or subtle Japanese “Koh”.
  • BREATHE the natural scents you’ve added to your family’s DIY cleaning products, or handmade soap, free from synthetic chemicals.
  • PAUSE mindfully to create a personalised Smudging ritual.
  • EXPERIENCE new and beautiful products like Nepalese Rope, Tibetan Dhoop or pure Resin Incense made traditionally from entirely natural ingredients.

Scenting your life can carry a host of personal benefits for you and your family. Choose to explore the world of Aromatherapy and natural Incense for the therapeutic qualities of the plant-derived oils and ingredients, or simply because you love the way they make you feel.

Everyone deserves to have access to such wonderful things, as we are all Queens at heart.

Who is this Queen?

Aroma Queen is based in the beautiful Blue Mountains region in NSW. We’re fully Australian owned and run, established in 2005 with an aim of sharing our love for high quality, ethical and sustainable scented and natural products, at top value prices that everyone can afford.

The Queen loves quality, but she is also aware of the impact she has on her surrounding empire. So since we first planted the royal flag, we’ve trawled the corners of the globe to assemble the most unique collection of natural aromatic products to spoil and inspire you, all
produced with an environmentally sound and ethical attitude in mind.

It’s always been important to us that we only offer:

Quality products that we
are happy to use ourselves

Products that have not
been tested on animals

Ethically made products known to be environmentally friendly & sustainable

We choose to work with companies who have an environmental attitude over cheaper suppliers, and recycle packaging goods wherever possible. We source our products worldwide, focusing on small free-trade companies who support the employment of women or their local communities, with no child labour. And as we only sell online, we’re able to keep
costs to a minimum and supply these beautiful regal-quality products directly to you at truly surprising prices.

Being an Australian business, please note that we only ship within Australia: all prices and freight costs quoted within our site are in Australian dollars – international customers should visit our SHIPPING page for more information.

Want to know more?

For those looking for an entry point into the world of natural scent, we offer a large range of gift and starter packs for Aromatherapy, Incense and Smudging – just take a look in our PACKS AND KITS section.

If you’d like more info, visit our DISCOVER pages for blogs and tutorials covering all of the types of goodies we specialise in.

And to mingle with royalty, visit our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages, where we chat about news, new products, helpful information and recipes. Don’t forget to FOLLOW the pages to keep up to date.

If you have any other questions, take a look at our FAQS page for some quick answers, or GET IN TOUCH and we’d be happy to try to help.

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