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Aromatherapy Intro & Safety

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced Aromatherapy lover, our Intro page covers all the essentials you need to know to get started. We also explain the simple safety rules and guidelines to safely use Essential Oils.

How to Use Essential Oils

Essential Oils can be used in a number of ways, from diffusing into the air, to adding to massage blends, inhalers or even Aroma Jewellery. We cover all of the popular methods with easy to follow instructions.

Incense Types and How to Use Them

There is more to Incense than the humble Incense Stick. Learn about exotic incense like Nepalese Rope, Tibetan Dhoop, Japanese Koh, waterfall-effect Backflow Cones and more – with simple instructions on how to burn each type.

Resin Incense Tutorial

Pure Resins like Frankincense or Copal can be burned on charcoal tablets – this page explains how resins work, with an easy to follow photo tutorial on how to burn it.


Many indigenous tribes of the US and Canada traditionally perform a purification ritual known as ‘smudging’ to clear the atmosphere of negative vibrations and fill it with positive, uplifting energies. Learn how smudging works, and the common uses for each type of stick.

The Ingestion Question

We discuss the question of whether it’s safe to ingest, or swallow, pure Essential Oils, and why it’s best not to.

Chemical Free Cleaning

A comprehensive guide on using Essential Oils and other natural ingredients like Vinegar and Bicarb to safely and naturally clean your home. Plenty of simple recipes and tips included.

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