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We’re proud of our range and aim to offer only top quality products, at value prices. But many of our goodies are fragile, or don’t travel well if continually re-shipped; even if they still appear new they could have unseen signs of damage, their packaging could be crushed, or the item may have even been used.

And so we make a guarantee to all of our customers that every item purchased from us will be brand new, and not something that has been shipped to anyone previously. Your inhaler stick has definitely not been in anyone else’s nose; your incense hasn’t bounced back and forth in the post so that it snaps when you try to light it – that kind of thing.

Because this promise to you is important to us, we can not re-sell returned items, and this is why WE CAN NOT ACCEPT ITEMS FOR RETURN BECAUSE OF CHANGE OF MIND, or because you don’t ‘like’ something or its scent. Visit our RETURNS POLICIES page for more information about our Returns policy.

Will I Receive a Confirmation When I Place my Order? Tracking?

You’ll be sent an email notification as soon as your order has been placed, which confirms all of your delivery and order details – when it comes in, please just check that everything looks correct and let us know ASAP if you spot any problems.

We’ll also send a shipping confirmation email once your order is on its merry way, which will include tracking details so you can follow the progress of your delivery at: www.auspost.com.au. It’s up to you to follow your delivery as occasionally Australia Post may not leave a card to advise you need to pick it up from your Post Office, and they’ll only hold onto it for a certain number of days.

If you haven’t received your confirmation emails, check your junk or spam folders. If you still haven’t received anything just email us with your details and we’ll check whether everything has gone through correctly. See our SHIPPING page for more detailed information about your delivery.

Can I Change my Order Once I’ve Placed It, or Add Anything?

Because we’re often Lightning Fast at getting your order shipped, and all of our payment systems are automatically finalised as soon as you confirm your payment details, it’s important that you check that everything is correct BEFORE placing your order.

We’re generally unable to make adjustments or add items to your order but if you’ve realised there is an error before we’ve packaged and posted your goodies, we may be able to alter it – just email us with your requirements and we’ll do our best to sort it out for you. Email us at [email protected].

Does AQ Offer Wholesale or Bulk Purchase Pricing?

Aroma Queen Are Not Wholesalers.

Wholesalers have a pricing structure that allows them to give massive discounts to resellers. We’re a retail business and it’s important that we always offer the best prices we can – to everybody – which means we don’t have massive markups on any of our prices. So this doesn’t allow us to offer significant discounts like a wholesaler can, as our prices are already as low as we can make them.

We do have many resellers who buy at our standard prices, and we are happy to provide stock for resale. Many resellers also take advantage of the bulk sizes and quantities which are already offered on some popular products, to resell to their own customers in a store setting where the customer doesn’t have to factor in shipping costs, can see the quality in person, and can take their purchase with them immediately.

If you’re interested in a particular product for resale, please firstly check its listing to see if there is already a bulk discount offered – many oils are listed in larger sizes, some incense sticks in 200-stick bulk packs, or smudge sticks in packs of 3 or 10.

Depending on the exact item/s you need, if you’re looking for a MUCH larger quantity or there isn’t a bulk-buy price listed, we MAY be able to arrange a bulk discount for you (‘bulk’ would mean a litre of an essential oil, 20+ of a specific type of smudge stick, or several hundred inhalers, for example. Please don’t ask for a bulk discount because you’re looking at 10 x 10ml essential oils, as we already price them as low as we are able!). Send us a detailed list of exactly which products you are considering, as well as exact quantities and your postcode for a shipping estimate, and we’ll see what we can do. Email us at: [email protected].

Can AQ Post a Gift Order Directly, or Leave Out the Invoice?

No problem at all – we love spreading the Queenie love.

When you check out, just enter your own information & email address when you register/login. Enter your own details under the BILLING ADDRESS, then choose “Deliver to another address” and enter your friend’s name and address under the ‘Delivery’ info.

You can let us know it’s a gift order by popping a message in the “Additional Information” box (or send us an email quoting your order number after you’ve placed it), and ask us to leave the invoice out of the order. You’ll still receive an email copy of the Tax Invoice for your own reference, as well as a shipping confirmation email which includes tracking info, so you can check whether your gift has arrived and harass your friend if you haven’t heard from them.

If you’d like a short note or gift tag added in with the package just let us know the text and we’d be happy to pop it in for you.

Sorry, we don’t have a gift-wrapping service but we try to make all of our packages look a little bit flash.

Can I Pick Up My Order if I Live Nearby?

We’re really sorry, but we can’t offer local pickup. We specialise in online sales only and so don’t have a shopfront. As we’re not insured for customer visits, we’re unable to offer pickup from our premises. Sorry, no exceptions.

Product Information

Are AQ Premium Oils Pure, and are they ‘Therapeutic Grade’?

All of our Essential Oils are 100% pure, plant-based essential oils with no added filler, preservatives or padding.

The reason we can offer them at such a great price is that we ONLY sell directly, sourcing many of our oils straight from the distiller, packaging them ourselves and then sending them to you – by cutting out the middle men (and as we’re not part of a franchise that needs to send a portion of profit to every tier of seller along the way), we are able to offer premium quality oils at fantastic prices.

As far as ‘Therapeutic Grade’ goes, there is no actual certification for ‘Therapeutic Grade’ or ‘Aromatherapy Grade’ – they’re just terms that some companies use to indicate that their oils are sourced from reputable distillers, and are of good quality for use in aromatherapy – as ours are.

It’s also a bit of sneaky marketing to try to scare customers into not buying from anywhere else. Just remember, ultimately it is not the BRAND that makes an oil suitable for therapeutic use: it is the quality of the oil, the way it has been distilled and the plant it is derived from. All Aroma Queen Essential Oils are the highest quality, plant-based pure essential oils suitable for therapeutic use in aromatherapy. Each listing describes the country of origin (which is often an indication of the quality of the oil), the plant species (oils do vary in usefulness depending on which plant they are from) and method of distillation, which can also have an impact. None of our oils are ‘Blended’ or ‘Reconstituted’ – ever, so you know you can trust in our oils.

Can I Ingest / Swallow / Drink / Cook With AQ Essential Oils?

There is a disturbing trend of Australian customers being advised that it’s safe to ingest essential oils. In Australia it’s been an accepted guideline for many years that essential oils are NOT to be ingested or eaten, even when diluted, unless specifically prescribed for you and your condition by a qualified aromatherapy practitioner (ie not somebody trying to sell you oils).

Essential oils are generally toxic and must be treated with respect; they are also not ‘food grade’ items regardless of their quality, and as such all care must be taken when using them. Ingesting larger amounts of essential oils, or even prolonged ingestion of small amounts, can be fatal.

Because the safety of our Royal Subjects is of paramount importance to us, we stress that we DO NOT recommend ingesting ANY essential oil – if this is your intention please do not buy Aroma Queen oils.

For more detailed reading on this topic, as well as general info about how to use Essential Oils, visit the INGESTION QUESTION page in our DISCOVERY section.

Can AQ Supply MSDS / Analysis Sheets for our Oils?

Aroma Queen has been providing quality pure essential oils since 2005 and we continue to source our oils only from established, reputable distillers who are renowned for their reliability and consistency, and who we have come to trust over many years of them supplying us aromatherapy products.

After over 15 years in this business, we are confident in the quality and authenticity of all of our products., however as we source our oils from a number of distillers worldwide to ensure that we’re offering the best from each region, and because we specialise in smaller batches to ensure each oil is always as fresh as possible, it’s impossible for us to be able to offer lab analysis data for all of the oils we stock without adding extra costs and charges onto every bottle.

Where Does AQ Incense Come From? Is it Ethically Made?

Where is our Incense from? Everywhere!

Incense doesn’t just represent the Indian sticks most people are familiar with. Different countries specialise in certain types, and we endeavour to stock only the finest incense, directly from the places that do it best.

Our Signature Brand sticks are made for us in India by a company that focuses on employment for women, with no child labour; our cones are sourced from Nepal, Bhutan and India, many aiming to support small local communities in a freetrade setting.

Our Rope incense comes directly from Nepal, our Ancient Tibetan dhoop sticks are from Tibet; our high grade Frankincense is imported directly from Oman, and our smudge sticks are sourced straight from California.

Much of the ‘branded’ incense we choose to stock, such as Auroshikha and Goloka, are from companies that put their profits back into their communities and support disadvantaged workers with fair practices and an environmentally sustainable approach.

We also specialise only in the highest quality, most natural forms of incense, which is why we don’t stock some of the ‘big’ brands that tend to use synthetic fragrances to mass-produce their products. Quality, ethics and sustainability are all very important to us, and inform our decisions over which types of incense we are happy to stock.

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