AQ Handmade Sticks

While almost everyone has heard of the common incense stick, many are surprised to learn of the inferior materials often used in cheap commercial incense – ingredients like coal powder, grease or rubber solutions and synthetic perfumes, fragrances and other chemicals, which can release toxins and harmful CO2 when burnt.

Instead of stocking the cheap and nasty options, Aroma Queen strives to list only the best quality incense, and our AQ PREMIUM HANDMADE range showcases our finest. Exclusive to Aroma Queen, these stunning sticks have been handmade for us featuring natural ingredients that you can actually see, made using the traditional ‘masala’ method which involves blending naturally aromatic botanicals, woods, resins & spices into a paste before rolling it around an inner bamboo stick.

NOTE RE ASTHMA: Like many other irritants, smoke from incense can irritate and cause asthma. If you are a known asthmatic please consider this before purchasing incense products.

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