Backflow Incense

See our VIDEO of Backflow Cones in action on our Instagram Page:

Backflow incense cones are different to standard cones: they have a hole in the base that aligns with a hole or channel in a special Backflow Burner. The cone rests on a platform and after a minute or two the smoke begins to flow downwards, from the hole and over the burner, creating a stunning visual effect as it cascades over or through the design.

As well as a range of Backflow Burners, we stock a large range of the finest┬ábrands of Backflow cones, from ever-popular SATYA to ethical GOLOKA; jumbo sized TRIBAL SOUL to imported handmade NEPALESE cones. Match Backflow Cones with a Backflow Burner for the gorgeous waterfall effect – standard cones will not work with these burners.


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