Resin Incense – AMBER, GOLDEN 5g


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‘Amber’ like this, which is used in perfumery and incense, is completely unrelated to the ancient petrified kind and is in fact usually a combination of liquid benzoin, styrax / storax resin, labdanum or damar, with perhaps a little vanilla or other scent, in a beeswax base, resulting in a soft, malleable, sweetly scented substance. This is the type of strongly fragranced Amber that is listed here.

Our AMBER RESIN Incense (1st Grade Quality) comes in a precious 5g pack and may contain one larger piece, or a few small pieces. It has a beautifully warm honey-like scent, which is very strong. It may be burned on charcoal discs as with other resin, however it’s also very useful as a scent just exposed to the atmosphere, in a box with filigree holes and tucked in a drawer (see our DRAWER BOXES, listed separately), or even rubbed onto the skin as a perfume.

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