Resin Incense – DAMMAR / DAMAR 25g


* Amount pictured is not the volume in each pack, and is for illustration only, any additional resins or charcoal pictured are NOT included. Choose your pack size (if applicable) before adding it to the cart.
* Quality natural resin incense pieces / powder suitable for burning on self-igniting charcoal disks (listed separately).

Resin incense, botanical powders, flowers, leaves and woods can be burned for their natural scent, either over a charcoal disk or using a candle warmed censer (burner) – see our DISCOVER pages for our easy to follow PHOTO TUTORIAL on burning charcoal tablets.

DAMMAR / DAMAR resin is obtained from the Dipterocarpaceae family of trees in India and East Asia – the sap is tapped and collected from the tree, dried into pellet form which is clear to pale yellow in colour. The scent is similar to Gum Mastic, though with less of a ‘turpentine’ scent – the fragrance is light and clean. Dammar can also be used as an ingredient for varnish and oil painting.