Resin Incense – PINON PINE (USA) Wood Flakes 10g


* Amount pictured is not the volume in each pack, and is for illustration only, any additional resins or charcoal pictured are NOT included. Choose your pack size (if applicable) before adding it to the cart.
* Quality natural wood shavings suitable for burning on self-igniting charcoal disks (listed separately), or in pot pourri mixes.

Resin incense, botanical powders, flowers, leaves and woods can be burned for their natural scent, either over a charcoal disk or using a candle warmed censer (burner) – see our DISCOVER pages for more info on RESIN INCENSE or SMUDGING.

PINON PINE: These natural wood flakes are from the US Pinion / Pinyon / Piñon / Pinon Pine tree, which has been commonly used by Native Americans as incense in resin, needle, wood or powder form (it’s also very popular in Wiccan traditions). Pinon Pine is believed to have properties that invoke protection, luck and inspiration. Sourced from the USA. Each 10g pouch of the lightweight shavings is approx 14cm in total height (see additional photos).