AQ Essential Oil Blend – ANTI ACHE


A BLEND OF PREMIUM QUALITY ESSENTIAL OILS – 100% pure, natural Essential Oil Blend with no padding or additives. Ready to use in diffusers, inhaler sticks or roll-ons, baths, or diluted for topical application etc. Visit our DISCOVER pages to learn how to best use your essential oils & blends

SIZING – Each Essential Oil Blend is supplied in 10ml Cobalt Glass bottles, while 50ml sizes come in Amber Glass. All are supplied with dripolator / flow restrictor for safety


Essential oils can help with all manner of aches and pains – some have warming, pain-relieving or even anti-inflammatory qualities. Our Anti-Ache Essential Oil Blend contains French Lavender oil, known for its analgesic (pain relieving) properties, as well as being generally calming and soothing. Black Pepper and Ginger oils are both known ‘Rubefacients’, which means they warm the body through increasing the blood flow. And Rosemary oil is a known cardiac stimulant, helping to get the circulation moving, as well as a being a pain relieving agent. Together, the oils in our Anti-Ache Essential Oil Blend work to warm and relieve muscle aches, back pain, arthritis etc (don’t apply to broken skin or around eye / mouth area).

As with all essential oils, ANTI-ACHE must be diluted before applying to the skin. Add to a massage oil or body cream and massaged / rubbed into any area suffering from arthritis, aches or pain (add up to 3ml ANTI-ACHE per 100ml Carrier Oil). Or add 8-10 drops to a warm bath and splash through before entering.

NOTE: As Rosemary can be a cardiac stimulant, avoid overuse if you have particularly high blood pressure.

Learn HOW TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS via our blog, HERE. We cover easy to understand information on some of the best ways to use your oils and blends. Learn more about AROMATHERAPY SAFETY HERE.

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