AQ Essential Oil Blend – ANXIETY


A BLEND OF PREMIUM QUALITY ESSENTIAL OILS – 100% pure, natural, plant derived oils with no padding or additives. Available as a PURE OIL BLEND or a pre-made scented INHALER STICK. Make your choice before adding it to your cart:

BOTTLED OIL – Each Essential Oil Blend is supplied in 10ml Cobalt Glass bottles, while 50ml sizes come in Amber Glass. All include dripolator / flow restrictor for safety. Use bottled blends in diffusers, for making your own inhaler sticks or roll-ons. Also suitable for baths, or dilute for topical application etc. Visit our DISCOVER pages to learn how to use your essential oils & blends.
INHALER STICK – We pre-scent our Inhalers with a generous amount of the oil blend. Inhalers work as portable personal diffusers to take anywhere. Keep the cover screwed tightly between uses – oils will naturally dissipate over time. Oils can be replenished via a bottled blend (purchased separately) once the scent fades.


Many oils can help treat anxiety or nerves. Some are mild sedatives and can be used for their tranquilising effects, while others are known anti-depressants or can be used to create a mood of positivity. Neroli oil, from the delicate blossoms of the bitter orange tree, is one of the most popular oils to help treat anxiety. Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang are both beautifully calming, giving Anxiety Essential Oil Blend a rich, deep scent. Anxiety Blend also features a refreshing touch of uplifting sweet orange oil. A gorgeously calming scent, Anxiety Essential Oil Blend is great in a take-anywhere inhaler stick or aroma pendant, or use in a burner or bath in your own safe space.

Learn HOW TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS via our blog, HERE. We cover easy to understand information on some of the best ways to use your oils and blends. Learn more about AROMATHERAPY SAFETY HERE.