AQ Essential Oil Blend – CINNAMON CHAI


A BLEND OF PREMIUM QUALITY ESSENTIAL OILS – 100% pure, natural Essential Oil Blend with no padding or additives. Ready to use in diffusers, inhaler sticks or roll-ons, baths, or diluted for topical application etc. Visit our DISCOVER pages to learn how to best use your essential oils & blends

SIZING – Each Essential Oil Blend is supplied in 10ml Cobalt Glass bottles, while 50ml sizes come in Amber Glass. All are supplied with dripolator / flow restrictor for safety


Our Cinnamon Chai Essential Oil Blend is like a cosy, protective hug; your hands wrapped around a warm mug of spicy tea on a cold evening. The blend features the warmth and comfort of Cinnamon Bark, with spicy Aniseed and Clove Bud oils for a rich and luxurious sense of cosiness and protection. Cinnamon Chai Essential Oil Blend is best used in a burner or diffuser in your home or space, or even in an aroma pendant to take your warm and comforting scent with you wherever you go.

NOTE: As Cinnamon Bark can be a skin sensitiser, avoid applying Cinnamon Chai to the skin.

Learn HOW TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS via our blog, HERE. We cover easy to understand information on some of the best ways to use your oils and blends. Learn more about AROMATHERAPY SAFETY HERE.

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