AQ Essential Oil Blend Pack – RELAX PACK (4 x Blends)


Our Oil Blends RELAX Pack contains four 10ml bottles of AQ Pure Essential Oil Blends designed to help unwind and relax. Oil blends take the guesswork out of which essential oils to use for different purposes – a perfect gift, whether they’re already interested in Aromatherapy or not, or spoil yourself with these lush ready-made blends to use in an oil burner/diffuser, diluted in massage oil, in a piece of aroma jewellery, a few drops in the bath or simply on a tissue by your pillow.

10ml Oils included in the pack are – RELAX, COMFORT, CALM and TRANQUIL:

Essential oils are best known for helping with relaxation. Our RELAX blend is a true favourite, containing a gorgeous blend of oils, including gentle French Lavender, a mild sedative, and a touch of sweet tension-relieving Ylang Ylang. A little Peppermint lifts the blend with a crisp freshness, resulting in a beautifully pleasant, soothing scent.

When you want to create a warm and inviting environment filled with calm, serenity and peace, our COMFORT BLEND features favourites like Vanilla CO2 Extract and Mandarin, as well as Lavandin Grosso, a known sedative for the mind which is also very useful in the treatment of anxiety or nervous disorders. A touch of Patchouli adds to the serene complexity of the scent, with a dash of precious Bulgarian Rose Absolute, an anti-depressant oil that is also helpful for the treatment of anxiety.

For those times when you need to slow down after a long day, soothe the soul after a stressful event, or just relax any time at all, CALM features a unique blend of oils renowned for their calming qualities. Lavender and Lavandin are both highly respected for their mild sedative benefits; Myrrh is often used to ground and balance the emotions; Marjoram can have a calming effect on the nervous system, helping to relieve anxiety and stress. The gentle scent of CALM is lifted by lime and other citrus oils, giving the blend a pleasant, uplifting fragrance.

A blend for peace and calm, or a beautiful scent for everyday burning to create a relaxing atmosphere. Calming oils such as Mandarin and Lavandin sit alongside grounding Cedarwood Atlas, with a hint of Vetiver for a complex, earthy fragrance that appeals to both males and females.

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