AQ Essential Oil Blend – PARADISE (Certified Organic)



A BLEND OF PREMIUM QUALITY ESSENTIAL OILS – 100% pure, natural Paradise Essential Oil Blend with no padding or additives. Ready to use in diffusers, inhaler sticks or roll-ons, baths, or diluted for topical application etc. Visit our DISCOVER pages to learn how to best use your essential oils & blends

SIZING – Each Essential Oil Blend is supplied in 10ml Cobalt Glass bottles, while 50ml sizes come in Amber Glass. All are supplied with dripolator / flow restrictor for safety

PARADISE BLEND (Certified Organic)

Paradise Essential Oil Blend is a particularly heavenly blend, designed to create your own piece of paradise, wherever you may be. The oils are comforting and relaxing, with a real sense of luxury to transport you to an exotic, dreamy escape. Rose Otto (steam distilled Rose oil) is one of the most prized oils for aromatherapists, and is believed to harmonise the soul and spirit. Vanilla CO2 extract gives a sense of comfort and wellbeing; while Cedarwood Atlas and Lavender bring their calming and soothing qualities to the blend. Rounded off with a hint of citrus, PARADISE is something very special.

Use in a burner in your home or space, or when you have guests; in a bath or relaxing massage for the ultimate home-spa experience; or even in an aroma pendant or as a natural roll-on perfume to take your piece of paradise with you wherever you go.

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