AQ Essential Oil Blend – PROTECT & DISINFECT



A BLEND OF PREMIUM QUALITY ESSENTIAL OILS – 100% pure, natural Protect & Disinfect Essential Oil Blend with no padding or additives. Ready to use in diffusers, inhaler sticks or roll-ons, baths, or diluted for topical application etc. Visit our DISCOVER pages to learn how to best use your essential oils & blends

SIZING – Each Essential Oil Blend is supplied in 10ml Cobalt Glass bottles, while 50ml sizes come in Amber Glass. All are supplied with dripolator / flow restrictor for safety


A commonly told story describes a group of thieves who robbed the dead or sick during a plague outbreak in Europe sometime between the 14th and 18th century. When caught looting, it is said that the thieves offered to tell the judge the herbal recipe they had been using to avoid catching the disease themselves, with the hope of being given leniency. Whether or not the story is true, ‘Four Thieves Vinegar’ – or alternative versions of the recipe – has been used for centuries as medicine or a preventative treatment against disease and sickness. Various recipes include dried herbs such as Rosemary, Clove and Sage steeped in vinegar to release their oils and natural beneficial properties. Today we can use stronger and more effective pure essential oils, but the basis of the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties remain the same as they did hundreds of years ago.

Our Protect & Disinfect Essential Oil Blend contains pure essential oils of Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Dalmatian Sage, Oregano, Eucalyptus Radiata and Rosemary, creating a synergistic blend of some of aromatherapy’s most versatile oils. These oils are known for their anti-bacterial / anti-viral properties and respiratory assistance, so the blend can be used for both protection and treatment, as well as being incredibly useful for cleaning and disinfecting your home. See our DISCOVER pages for more Chemical Free Cleaning ideas.

SAFETY NOTE: As our Protect & Disinfect Blend contains Rosemary and Sage oils, it is best avoided if you have high blood pressure (Rosemary in particular promotes blood circulation). Sage is also best avoided by those suffering from Epilepsy.

* Use in a DIFFUSER to purify the air during illness or as a preventative measure
* In your CLEANING regime, added to mop water or clothes-washing liquid, or on a cloth placed in with your dryer load
* In a STEAM INHALATION to help deal with the symptoms of respiratory illness
* General diffusing for IMMUNE SUPPORT (can also be used to remove ODOURS)

Learn HOW TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS via our blog, HERE. We cover easy to understand information on some of the best ways to use your oils and blends. Learn more about AROMATHERAPY SAFETY HERE.