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* IMAGE SHOWS PLANT or RESIN this oil is distilled from. Product supplied is a LIQUID ESSENTIAL OIL, a premium quality 100% pure & natural plant derived oil, with no padding, additives or fillers. All AQ Essential Oils are Single Source: distilled from a single plant type & country of origin; no AQ oils are ‘blended’ from multiple oils or reconstituted from various plant chemicals. DISCOVER MORE about using Essential Oils HERE.

* SIZING – Choose your bottle size before adding it to your cart. 10ml Bottles are Cobalt Glass + Flow Restrictor; 50ml are Amber Glass + Flow Restrictor. Some precious oils are available in 4ml Cobalt Glass Vials + Dropper Fitting.

CUMIN SEED (Cuminum cyminum), India

Cumin essential oil is extracted from dried and crushed cumin seeds, by the process of steam distillation, and smells just like the spice – only stronger.

A small annual herb originally from the Mediterranean area, Cumin has been used since Biblical times, mainly for its digestive properties. The Egyptians used it for headaches; the Pharisees paid their taxes with it and in the Middle Ages, feudal lords paid serfs with Cumin for services rendered.

The oil is probably still best known as a digestive (aiding and stimulating digestion – in small amounts only, do not use in large amounts or the reverse can occur), and a carminative (expels intestinal gases). It’s also an excellent bactericide, good for treating diarrhoea and other bacterial infections. Cumin is also known as a general tonic, diuretic, antiseptic and anti-spasmodic (for spasms, cramps, convulsions and ongoing coughs). As a detoxifier it can help expel toxins from the body. In massage Cumin essential oil can be used as a warming oil for muscular pains and osteoarthritis.

Blends well with Angelica, Caraway, Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile.

Avoid using during pregnancy, and use in small amounts in general as Cumin is quite a strong oil. As with all essential oils, DO NOT INGEST unless specifically prescribed for your condition by a qualified aromatherapist. See our DISCOVER pages for more Aromatherapy Safety information.

NOTE: Cumin oil may cause PHOTOSENSITISATION making your skin more sensitive to UV light, so avoid applying to skin before exposure to sunlight.

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