AQ Essential Oil Pack – CITRUS PACK (4 Oils + Cleaning Card)


A bundle containing FOUR x 10ml AROMA QUEEN PREMIUM Essential Oils – Lime (Distilled), Mandarin Australian, Orange Australian and Lemon, which can be used in oil diffusers / burners, baths, massage oils, cosmetics and creams, or any other method traditionally used in aromatherapy. As Citrus oils are excellent for use in natural cleaning products, we also include a Chemical Free Cleaning card with handy tips and hints.

Citrus Oils tend to be refreshing, uplifting and energising oils often used to lift the spirits, or revive exhausted bodies or minds. Great ‘room’ oils to create an uplifting environment or even make a bathroom feel fresh. They can also assist with focus and concentration, making them pleasant oils to burn at work or in the home office.

* 10ml Lime Distilled (Citrus aurantifolia), Mexico. Steam distilled from the whole ripe fruit of the Citrus aurantifolia tree, Distilled Lime is NOT phototoxic (like Cold Pressed Lime) and has a sweeter, fresh fragrance. Refreshing & uplifting, ideal for fatigue or a tired mind. A known digestive stimulant, disinfectant and detoxifier. In skincare Lime Oil is astringent and toning and can assist clearing oily, congested skin.

* 10ml Lemon (Citrus limonium) , Italy, Cold Pressed. A familiar fresh, sharp citrusy aroma, the scent is refreshing and widely used to assist concentration, lift the spirits and aid decision making. Highly prized as an antiseptic, and in skincare is astringent and can be used in cleansers for oily skin. Non-toxic, though may cause dermal irritation in some sensitive skins. Phototoxic – avoid using on skin before exposure to sun. A valuable oil for use in cleaning products.

* 10ml Mandarin (Citrus maurensis), Australia. Cold pressed from the peel of the fruit, with an intense, sweet citrus scent that has an uplifting quality, often used to eliminate depression and anxiety. Similar properties to Tangerine and Orange – tonic, stomachic and a mild sedative for the nervous system, and may be helpful in treating insomnia. Long used for babies suffering from colic or hiccups. Useful for calming the intestines and relieving flatulence.

* 10ml Orange, Sweet (Citrus sinensis), Australia. Cold pressed from the outer peel, with a zesty, refreshing citrus fragrance. Known as a ‘cheerful’ oil that conveys warmth, happiness and joy, assisting to relax and unwind. Children love the smell of orange, and it can be used to help them sleep. Recommended for the treatment of constipation or swollen tissue. Beneficial and soothing to dry, irritated or acne prone skin, and very helpful in natural cleaning products.