AQ Essential Oil Pack – WOODS PACK (4 Oils)



For those who love the warm, timbery scent of essential oils derived from trees – for their calm and relaxing scent, skin or haircare benefits, or for scenting skincare or other products with a neutral or even masculine fragrance. Our WOODS PACK includes FOUR beautiful tree-derived 10ml AROMA QUEEN PREMIUM Essential Oils: AGARWOOD, CEDARWOOD ATLAS, CYPRESS and HO WOOD, which can be used in oil diffusers / burners, baths, massage oils, cosmetics and creams, diluted for application to the skin, or any other method traditionally used in aromatherapy.

The oils in this pack can be blended together (or with other oils) to create your own signature scent, or a variety of blends with a gorgeous woody aroma.

* 10ml AGARWOOD / ALOESWOOD (Aetoxylon sympetalum), Indonesia. Agarwood and its oil has a deep spiritual history and significance, and is mentioned in some of the oldest spiritual texts – it has a long history of use in matters of the mind and for spiritual purposes. The Buddha taught that the fragrance of burning Agarwood is the “scent of Nirvana” (the state of attaining Divinity). In Tibetan medicine Agarwood is used to treat emotional, nervous and psychological issues, through its ability to induce a deep meditative state – Tibetan monks use Agarwood essential oil to increase their inner energy and bring tranquility to the mind and the soul. In meditation, Agarwood is used to clear the mind and instil inner peace, positive energy and enhanced awareness. Also believed to be helpful for insomnia, and widely acclaimed to have aphrodisiac properties

* 10ml CEDARWOOD ATLAS (Cedarus atlantica), Morocco. A pyramid shaped evergreen tree, Cedar was used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming, and the wood has long been prized for building purposes. The scent is warming and soothing, and can reduce stress and anxiety, a masculine fragrance often used in cosmetics. Its sedative effects are similar to Sandalwood, and its expectorant properties ease respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, coughs and catarrh. Cedarwood Atlas makes an ideal remedy for bladder and kidney infections and cystitis. Its astringent and antiseptic qualities make it useful in skincare when treating oily conditions. Also makes a good hair tonic suitable for treating dandruff.

* 10ml CYPRESS (Cupressus sempervirens), Spain. Cypress strengthens an overburdened nervous system and restores calm. It has astringent and vaso-constrictor properties so is beneficial for circulatory problems like varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Its antispasmodic properties are useful for asthma, whooping cough and spasmodic coughing – Dr Valnet suggested a few drops of Cypress under the pillow to alleviate coughs. Cypress also has a regulating effect on the menstrual cycle, relieving heavy periods. In skincare it acts as a deodorant and astringent – useful for excessive perspiration.

* 10ml HO WOOD (Cinnamomum camphora), India. Steam distilled from the bark and wood of the Ho Tree. One of the most potent sources of naturally occurring linalol found in any steam distilled essential oil, Ho Wood Oil is well respected as a calming, peaceful oil – a good choice when needing to relax or unwind and excellent for promoting a peaceful and relaxing environment. The scent of Ho Wood is woody and floral, with a camphorous overtone – the aroma and properties are quite similar to Rosewood Oil, and Ho Wood is often used as a substitute for Rosewood (without being a threatened species, as Rosewood is). The high linalol content is believed to give the oil analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic, hypotensive, immuno-stimulant and sedative properties.

For more woody scents, see also PINE SCOTCH, SANDALWOOD and PATCHOULI.