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SANDALWOOD, PAPUAN (Santalum McGregorri), Indonesia.

Most Sandalwood has become very expensive and difficult to source in recent times due to overharvesting – the oil is obtained from the heartwood of a Sandalwood tree that needs to be at least 30 years of age before it is chopped down and destroyed for the oil. Much supply was wiped out during the 1960’s and since, to the point where East Indian (Mysore) Sandalwood is now government regulated and thus increasingly expensive. As a result, East Indian Sandalwood, which is considered by most to be the ‘best’ Sandalwood for aromatherapy, is now generally out of most peoples reach price-wise.

An alternative to East Indian Sandalwood is this PAPUAN SANDALWOOD (Santalum McGregorri) which is native to Papua New Guinea / Papua Island, Indonesia, and also produces a quality Sandalwood Oil. It’s worth noting that when these trees began to be harvested in the 1990’s the natural sources were depleted across many areas due to international demand, resulting in the timber being placed on a ‘red list’ in the early 2000’s. However since that time much work has been done to improve the management of the resources for the local smallholders, for a more sustainable industry. Our Papuan Sandalwood oil comes from Papua Island, Indonesia; the oil is light brown in colour with a typical ‘Sandalwood’ scent.

Sandalwood is known to have a calming, harmonising effect on the mind, helping to reduce tension and confusion. It is an ideal remedy to treat nervous depression, fear, stress, or a hectic daily lifestyle. It has also long been considered an aphrodisiac. The oil is recommended for treating catarrh, as well as to relieve dry coughs; it also relieves intestinal spasm or inflammation and may be useful in treating colic and cystitis. It is also useful for the treatment of chronic and acute diarrhea. Sandalwood is very useful in skincare for dehydrated skin, as well as relieving itching or inflammation.

NOTE: Don’t confuse either Mysore Sandalwood or other true Sandalwoods with ‘West Indian Amyris balsamifera‘ which is sometimes called Sandalwood, and claimed to have a similar fragrance, yet bears no botanical relation to East Indian and other Sandalwoods.