AQ Essential ‘Oils 4 Kids’ Blend – DRAGON SLAYER


A BLEND OF PREMIUM QUALITY ESSENTIAL OILS – formulated with gentle oils suitable for children, also suitable for adults. Available as a PURE OIL BLEND or a pre-made scented INHALER STICK. Make your choice before adding it to your cart:

10ml BOTTLED OIL BLEND – comes with dripolator / flow restrictor for safety. Bottled blends can be used in diffusers, for making your own inhaler sticks or roll-ons, baths, diluted for topical application or many other methods. FREE SAFETY / INSTRUCTION CARD with every Oils 4 Kids 10ml oil blend order.
INHALER STICK – pre-scented with a generous amount of the oil blend, these work as portable personal diffusers to take anywhere. Keep the cover screwed tightly between uses – oils will naturally dissipate over time, and can be replenished via a bottled blend (purchased separately) once the scent fades.

* ‘OILS 4 KIDS’ are FOR USE AROUND CHILDREN, NOT BY CHILDREN – always keep essential oils out of reach of children, never apply to skin undiluted or ingest, use less than with an adult. Visit our DISCOVER pages for more information and how to best use your oil blend.

For help with bravery, DRAGON SLAYER features natural Essential Oils that can help find the hero within. Lavender and Cedarwood oils are known to calm and soothe the nerves and anxiety around trying to be brave, while the fresh scents of Bergamot and Lime can help bolster confidence and courage. With a warm, citrussy scent, DRAGON SLAYER is suitable for both boys and girls – and adults as well.

Using DRAGON SLAYER regularly, especially when re-inforcing it within a ‘safe’ environment, means your child can form an association with the scent and learn to use the blend as a ‘go to’ safe oil they can rely on even when on their own. Try using at home before an event, and create a personalised take-anywhere inhaler stick that your child can keep handy to use whenever they head out and need a confidence boost. Also suitable for roll-ons, diffusers or aroma jewellery.