AQ Essential ‘Oils 4 Kids’ Blend Pack – SCHOOL PACK (3 x Blends & Card)


A pack of three premium quality OILS 4 KIDS Essential Oil Blends perfect for study & school-time. Formulated with gentle oils suitable for children – also suitable for adults. Visit our DISCOVER pages to learn how to best use your essential oils & blends

* 10ml FIDGET FIGHTER (Slow-Down Oils for Distractions, Hyperactivity & ADHD)
* 10ml HOMEWORK ELIXIR (For Study, Focus & Concentration)
* 10ml BUTTERFLY TAMER (Calming Oils For Fear, Nerves & Anxiety)
A FREE Safety / Instruction Card is also included.

FOR USE AROUND CHILDREN, NOT BY CHILDREN – always keep essential oils out of reach of children, never apply to skin undiluted or ingest, use less than with an adult. Visit our DISCOVER pages for more information on using Aromatherapy around children

Many things can be scary to a child and BUTTERFLY TAMER has been formulated to help put those butterflies back in their place, using Essential Oils known to help calm anxiety and give a sense of peace. Precious Neroli (bitter orange blossom), and Petitgrain (from the leaves and twigs of the same tree), along with Mandarin assist in calming anxiety and helping to soothe the nerves. Frankincense is known to slow the breathing and produce feelings of calm, while Bergamot helps give your child a sense of confidence and the faith they can overcome their anxiety.

If your child suffers from ADHD or hyperactivity, or has moments of distraction, FIDGET FIGHTER features a combination of Oils widely used to help ‘slow down’, as well as aid focus and concentration. Cedarwood is used to treat ADHD with great success, helping to slow the mind and improve oxygenation of brain cells. Frankincense a calming, meditative oil which can soothe the nerves and help give a sense of wellbeing, while uplifting Citrus oils like Bergamot and Lemon can not only help improve mood and reduce anxiety, they also assist focus and concentration. The blend has a pleasant, fresh scent with the warmth of woody Cedar, which is appealing to both children and adults.

If your child is easily distracted, HOMEWORK ELIXIR is a ‘magic potion’ with a gorgeous, fresh scent. Natural citrus oils like Bergamot and Lemon have been used for years to help focus and concentration. Crisp scented Rosemary can help encourage the memory, which is especially helpful when studying, helping your child retain the information in front of them. HOMEWORK ELIXIR suits adults as well.

TIP: Try regularly having your child study or do their homework with HOMEWORK ELIXIR in a burner or room spray. Then make up a personalised inhaler stick or aroma pendant using the same oil blend, which they can sniff at school or before exams: the instant association with the scent can trigger calm ‘study’ thoughts plus may even help them remember the information they’ve been studying at home while burning the oil. You could even try using different oils for different subjects if they struggle with a certain topic.