AQ Tips & Instruction Cards – AROMATHERAPY


PLEASE NOTE: Aside from the AROMATHERAPY SET, each purchase is for ONE card only, in your choice of topics. Make your card / set choice, before adding it to your cart.

Our instruction cards are handy reference cards covering a choice of topics – create your own gift pack with instructions, or keep handy for reference.

If you’re new to Aromatherapy, or would just like a handy set of keepable hints, tips and instruction cards this set includes all of the cards. Included are postcards on AROMATHERAPY RECIPES, CHEMICAL FREE CLEANING and OILS 4 KIDS as well as business-card sized tips cards on AROMATHERAPY MEASUREMENTS, TOP ESSENTIAL OILS and their uses, INHALER STICKS, AROMA JEWELLERY, ROLL-ON BOTTLES and ROOM SPRAYS.

The postcards are also available on their own:

A dozen essential oil recipes, while the back is a Handy Guide to Aromatherapy, with instructions on how much oil to use for different purposes and basic safety information.

The front covers a range of essential oils that can be used in your DIY Chemical Free Cleaning, while the back discusses other NATURAL INGREDIENTS like Bicarb, Vinegar, Castille Soap and more.

Little people experience aromatherapy different from bigger people: as well as being smaller in stature, they also have less developed systems and skin than adults and so you need to approach Aromatherapy differently than you would for yourself. These full-colour postcards explain how to use your pure AQ OILS 4 KIDS Oil Blends via a number of different methods, while the back covers the basic SAFETY RULES for using essential oils around children.

Visit our DISCOVER pages to learn more about Aromatherapy Safety and how to use Essential Oils.