Aromatherapy Accessories Pack – ROOM SPRAY KIT


PLEASE NOTE: Our Room Spray Kits now include ALL CLEAR bottles, and NOT the Cobalt Blue bottles pictured.

Our DIY ROOM SPRAY KITS make it easy to create your own water-based Aromatherapy Sprays, such as anti-germ or insect sprays, spray-on cleaning or disinfecting blends, your favourite scent to fragrance a room, a ‘Sleep’ blend to calm the mood before bedtime, scented linen sprays or any number of therapeutic Aromatherapy purposes. They can also be used as general purpose spray bottles – try using one with some chilled, moisturising Rosewater to mist yourself on a hot day.

Everything is included EXCEPT THE ESSENTIAL OILS – just add your own favourite oils or blends. There are four bottles included, Solubiliser to help your Essential Oils and water to mix instead of the oils sitting as a dangerous film on top of the water, as well as pipettes and a calculator card to work out how much oil to use.

2 x 125ml CLEAR PET Bottles (not Blue as pictured)
2 x 250ml CLEAR PET Bottles
2 x Atomiser Sprays (cut tubing to fit as required)
2 x Trigger Pump Sprays (cut tubing to fit as required)
1 x 25ml bottle of Solubiliser
2 x 1ml Pipettes
2 x 3ml Pipettes
Calculator Card

* Take care spraying around fabrics, furnishings, timber etc as some oils may stain or bleach
* We do not recommend using Aromatherapy around children younger than one year – avoid spraying in baby’s room etc. For children 1-5 years, use minimal amounts of oil. Visit our DISCOVER pages for more info on how to use essential oils.