Aromatherapy Diffuser – CAR VENT DIFFUSER, MUSIC NOTES (Rainbow)


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* See our other listings for additional 22.5mm Scent Pads in packs of ten

Our Car Vent Diffusers are a beautiful way to take your essential oils on the road with you – to scent your car with your favourite perfume, use oils to energise or concentrate on long drives, anti-germ oils during flu season, or even for oils like Peppermint to settle travel sickness or nausea – avoid oils with a sedative effect (eg Lavender, Chamomile). Made from durable 316L Surgical Steel, they feature a protective-coated vent fitting that slips over the horizontal slats in your car’s air conditioning vent. A coloured textile pad sits inside the diffuser: just open the hinged front and add a few drops of essential oil / oil blend to the pad, re-insert and close – the air conditioning system will pass air through the pad to diffuse through the open front design as you drive. Top up your oils as the scent naturally dissipates.

SIZE: Approx 30mm Diameter
LOCKET STYLE: Magnetic hinged closure
METAL: Durable 316L Surgical Stainless Steel – lead free. Rainbow coloured
FITTING: Anti-scratch coated vent prongs – suits horizontal vents
SCENT PADS: Textile, 22.5mm. Three pads included (random mixed colours). Replacement pads available separately
GIFT BOXED: Yes, with Simple Instructions

* Do not allow oils to come in contact with skin, clothes or upholstery as they may cause skin sensitivity, or stain fabrics.
* Don’t use too much oil – essential oils are very strong so you don’t need to use too much.
* Keep out of reach of children and NEVER allow children or pets to chew the diffuser / scent pads as most essential oils are toxic when ingested.
* Try oils for fatigue and energy (DRIVE or ENERGISE blend), or deodorising oils like Lemon, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Orange, Eucalyptus or Pine.