Aromatherapy Jewellery – LAVA STONE PENDANT, SINGLE BEAD


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Lava Stone Aroma Jewellery is the perfect way to use a jewellery piece as your own personal essential oil (or perfume) diffuser. Essential oils are added to the porous bead, and when worn the warmth of your body gently heats the oils and allows them to diffuse into the air around you. Our ‘Single Bead Lava Stone Pendant’ is for those who prefer smaller, delicate pendants. Featuring a single natural lava stone rock bead, set simply on a short (approx 46cm) alloy chain with additional extender piece. Simple gift bag included.

JEWELLERY PIECE: Single Lava Stone Bead Design Pendant, Vintage Silver Finish
CHAIN: Silver Alloy Chain Included, approx 46cm length plus short extender.
SCENT BEAD: Natural Lava Stone, approx 7-8mm Diameter. Not removable.

Lava stone beads are crafted from naturally-formed cooled volcanic magma – the slow cooling creates air pockets which result in small porous holes and voids throughout the rock. Being from deep within the Earth’s core, Lava Stone is said to be used for grounding protection, allowing us to make a ‘root’ connection with the Earth to find focus as well as to stabilise, balance and calm emotion.

The porous nature of the stones is what makes them perfect for use in Aromatherapy: add a drop or two of essential oil directly to the surface of a Lava Stone bead, allow it to soak in then wipe thoroughly before wearing (do not douse your jewellery as it may damage the fittings or elastic). The oil is absorbed into the stone, and when worn, the scent is diffused using the warmth of your skin.

* If you experience sensitivity from any oil, discontinue use or try using less oil.
NEVER allow children or pets to chew or suck on the beads as most essential oils are toxic when ingested.

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