Australian Active Clay Face / Body Mask – YELLOW CLAY


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This comes in a 125gm pouch.

GOLDEN YELLOW CLAY (inc Kaolin) is excellent for all skin types, a mid-strength clay with a tonic and detoxifying effect, improving the condition of tired and devitalized skin. An excellent pick-me-up that is easy to use for your own home-spa experience.

Australian active clays are rich in valuable minerals. One of the best skin cleansers available, a clay mask draws out toxins like a magnet. Face or body masks can help stimulate circulation, exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, absorb excess oil and impurities, and generally improve skin colour and tone.

TO PREPARE A FACE MASK: mix a teaspoon of dry clay with water or hydrosol (floral water) and apply to damp face or body. Allow to dry and enjoy the relaxing experience before rinsing clean. Used once a week (or twice for particularly oily or acne-prone skin), you will soon feel the difference.

TIP: You can also add a drop of skin safe essential oil for its scent or skincare benefits.

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