Backflow Incense Cone Burner – MOUNTAIN CLOUDS (Medium)


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* Any Incense pictured is NOT INCLUDED – cones or sticks pictured are to give an indication of the size / effect of the burner. Backflow Cones are available separately.

Backflow Burners are suitable for use with Backflow Cones ONLY, which have a hole in the base that aligns with a hole or channel on the burner. Once the burning cone reaches the hollow area (allow a couple of minutes) the smoke will flow downwards in a stunning waterfall effect. If used with Standard Cones, smoke will flow from the top of the cone as usual and there will be no cascade effect – make sure you purchase special BACKFLOW CONES for the correct effect.

Our MOUNTAIN CLOUDS backflow burner is a nice size, made with a gloss black-brown ceramic finish. Your backflow cone sits wedged between the peaks of the highest mountain (smaller cones may have best stability – always take care the cone is not dislodged during burning, and burn over a heatproof surface for safety). The smoke flows down over the mountain and throughout the ‘valley’ below, leaving the impression of mountain peaks surrounded by gentle white clouds.

DIMENSIONS: Approx 14.5cm wide, 7.5cm deep and 4.5cm at the highest point.

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