Backflow Incense Cones – NAG CHAMPA, Nepalese Box of 25


NOTE: Requires a specialised BACKFLOW BURNER to work correctly – available separately. Additional pictures are for illustration only – no burner is included with this purchase.

Backflow incense cones are semi-hollow with an open hole at the base, designed to align with a hole or channel in a BACKFLOW BURNER (available separately – will not work with a standard burner). After a couple of minutes of burning, the smoke will begin to flow downward in a flow, creating a stunning visual effect as it cascades over or through the burner. NOTE: It is normal for smoke to flow from the top for a couple of minutes until the burning section reaches the hollow area inside the cone.

These backflow incense cones are handmade by Nepalese cottage industries that support the development of small enterprises for women and the underprivileged. The cones are based on essential oils, wood powder and blends of exotic flowers, creating an aromatic and spiritual mood. Each box contains 25 cones. Each cone is approx 2.3cm in height, and will burn for approx 12-15mins.

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