Crystal Smudge Stick Pack – CLEANSE, PURIFY & HEAL


Many believe that incense, smudge and crystals can have an effect on our wellbeing, encouraging feelings of self love, protection, positivity or healing. Our Crystal Smudge Kits can be used to create your own ritual for meditation, intention or general burning along a certain theme. All items are also available separately – see our other listings for kits to suit different purposes.

This kit features items traditionally used for CLEANSING, PURIFICATION & HEALING. The colour white symbolises healing and purity: natural Selenite and Clear Rock Quartz are crystals often used for this purpose. Cedar smudge and Palo Santo (Holy Wood) have been used in many cultures for healing, along with the scent of Frankincense.

* Small Cedar smudge stick
* Small Stick of natural Palo Santo wood
* Small Rock Quartz Tumbled Stone (size may vary)
* Rough White Selenite Stick (size may vary)
* 10-stick pack of AQ Premium Handmade Masala Incense – Frankincense
* Handmade Timber Ashcatcher incense burner with Brass Om design
* Small White Chime Candle
* Smudging Prayer & Instructions card
* A jute carry bag to store your kit between uses and a small jute bag to protect your crystals

NOTE: As many of the items in this pack are natural or hand cut, each can vary in size, texture, colour or shape. Crystals and smudge sticks etc may differ in appearance or size from the ones pictured in the photos.

Each item is also available separately. Visit our DISCOVER pages to learn more about SMUDGING and how it works.