Dhoop Incense – Ancient Tibetan WHITE LOTUS


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Dhoop sticks are bamboo-less sticks featuring complex blends of herbs, resins & botanicals, creating a rustic aroma much less ‘perfumed’ than most commercial incense, and prepared entirely by hand according to ancient Tibetan medical practices. The perfect incense to enhance meditation, create a sacred atmosphere, help eliminate negative energies or stress, or rejuvenate positive energy.

Approx 30 x 11cm sticks plus a simple incense holder in each pack, or use a purpose made dhoop burner. Each stick can burn for approx. 45 – 60 min.

White Lotus stimulates the kundalini energy that lies coiled in the base of the spine, and can be awakened through yogic disciplines and meditation. Considered useful for aiding concentration, as well as being anti-allergic and anti-spasmodic.

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