Dhoop Incense – Ritual MEDICINE BUDDHA


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Dhoop sticks are bamboo-less sticks featuring complex blends of herbs, resins & botanicals, creating a rustic aroma much less ‘perfumed’ than most commercial incense, and prepared entirely by hand according to ancient medical practices. The perfect incense to enhance meditation, create a sacred atmosphere, help eliminate negative energies or stress, or rejuvenate positive energy.

Each tube-pack contains a roll of thinner style sticks (approx 3mm in diameter), around 9.5cm in length.

This Medicine Buddha incense is a secret blend of ingredients from the Yolmo Mountain inc Aloeswood, Saffron, Nutmeg, Sea-Foan, Cloves, Juniper, Sandalwood, prepared as a special offering to Medicine Buddha, the Buddha of all compassion and love. Made in Nepal, believed to help bring health, prosperity and a healthy life.

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