* Choose from the Filigree Box only, or a bundle including a small 5g pk of Golden Amber Resin, before adding it to your cart.

A beautiful way to freshen, deodorise or scent cupboards or drawers, these small timber boxes feature filigree holes in the top and sides so that you can place a small scented item inside the box and the scent will naturally escape into the surrounding area. Use any small scented item, such as a piece of Golden Amber, your favourite resin, dried flowers or botanicals or even an oil blend on a piece of fabric.

Hand cut from Indian Rosewood with brass sides and detailing, these unobtrusive boxes are approx 6.25cm x 3.5cm x 2cm (external measurements – interior compartment is smaller). Being a handmade item, pieces may vary slightly from one to the next, and each box may show signs of hand finishing.

The optional Amber Resin Incense (1st Grade Quality) comes in a small 5g pack and may contain one larger piece, or several small ones. It has a very strong, beautifully warm honey-like scent.