Goloka Fragrance / Burner Oil – VANILLA


NOTE: These are NOT Essential Oils, they are high quality synthetic fragrance / aroma oils that don’t carry any therapeutic benefits, but are a great inexpensive option for burning in a diffuser or adding a few drops to an aroma pendant (not for use on skin). If you are looking for the health benefits of Aromatherapy, see our pure and natural plant-derived ESSENTIAL OILS, listed separately.

When you’re looking to scent your space and don’t need any of the therapeutic benefits associated with aromatherapy, the natural version can be incredibly expensive and difficult to justify burning in a diffuser. ‘Fragrance oils’ like these are chemical copies that replicate a scent, without any therapeutic benefits, so are the perfect choice when burning just for fragrance. This range of inexpensive, beautiful quality Fragrance Oils for your burner or aroma jewellery is from Goloka, one of our favourite ethical incense makers. Made in India.

GOLOKA SEVA TRUST is a non-profit organization located in Bangalore, India, who donate 100% of their proceeds towards charitable activities like midday meals for under privileged children, education and vocational training for widows and aiding poor students with scholarships.