Incense Burner – ABALONE SMUDGING SHELL (13-15cm)


* Any SMUDGE STICKS IN THE PHOTOS are NOT INCLUDED – they are for an indication of size, and are available separately. Visit our DISCOVER pages to learn more about SMUDGING.
*Available either as SHELL ONLY, OR a bundle including SHELL PLUS HANDCARVED 6″ TRIPOD STAND. Make your choice before adding it to your cart. Tripods are unfinished timber that may be stained if desired.

Available in a range of sizes, this 13-15cm shell can be used as is, or placed on an optional tripod stand. Being a larger shell, the colouring will be more vivid, and the natural texture on the rear of the shell rougher than some of the smaller sized shells. Product of Mexico.

Natural abalone shells (known in NZ as ‘paua’) have been traditionally used in the ritual of smudging as a bowl to catch spent ash, as well as a celebration of their beauty, a gift from mother earth. The inner shell is lined with iridescent ‘nacre’, or mother of pearl, which is created as a lining by the abalone mollusc – this is what gives them their beautiful colouring and unique textures. Typically, the larger the shell, the more vivid the colour(larger shells also have a rougher rear side). When using as a smudging bowl, try lining with a layer of sand or earth to insulate the shell from heat.

NOTE RE SIZE: Being natural products every shell is different and will vary in size, shape, colouring, patterning and texture. We provide a shell that fits within the range quoted above, however yours will be unique in its own special way. The optional Tripod is hand-carved from a single piece of timber and will also vary from one to the next

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