Handmade FLAT WOODEN ASH CATCHER hand carved incense stick burner. Made in India.

PLEASE NOTE: Being a handmade item, each one will be slightly different and may have subtle differences to the one pictured: this is part of the nature of handmade products, making each piece unique – your burner could be darker or lighter than the one pictured. The hand-carving also differs from piece to piece.

The simplest form of incense burner, these Ashcatchers have a hole in the raised end to insert the stick of your Indian stick incense (‘Agarbatti’ sticks – traditional Indian incense with a bamboo inner stick). As the stick burns down, the ash will fall into the groove of the Ashcatcher to dispose of later. With a length of approx 10″, our carved Ashcatchers are a thicker size than our standard Ashcatchers, with gorgeous hand carving over the length of the burner, in hand-stained timber (see note above re colour variations). Handmade in India.

NOTE: Does not work with Japanese incense which has no bamboo inner stick.

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