For those who don’t like unnecessary designs, this is the absolute simplest form of incense burner. These PLAIN TIMBER ASHCATCHERS are just that – no design or embellishment, just simple unadorned hand-cut timber. Handmade FLAT WOODEN ASHCATCHERS suit Indian incense sticks with an inner bamboo skewer, which is inserted into a hole at the end of the burner. As the stick burns down, the ash will fall into the groove of the Ashcatcher for you to dispose later. Length approx 25.5cm, hand made in India.

NOTE: Does not work with Japanese incense which has no bamboo inner stick.

HANDMADE INCENSE BURNERS: Burners made by hand from natural timber occasionally have minor imperfections which is part of what makes them special and unique. They are NOT mass produced and so any small cosmetic imperfections in the design are standard.

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