Incense Burner – BURNER BOX (Plain)


* Any incense pictured with burner is NOT included.

A simple, elegant timber design with horizontal metal bars set at intervals along the entire box to burn longer sticks up to approx 29.5cm in length – lie a lit stick lengthways along the bars. Ash will fall through to the base below (invert the box to empty it out once cooled).

Approx 30cm in length, 4.5cm wide, 3.5cm high. Handmade in India from lightly stained & oiled timber with no added design. Being handmade dimensions may vary slightly, and each piece will feature unique imperfections, making every burner individual. Incense not included – available separately.

* TRADITIONAL INDIAN STICKS with an inner bamboo skewer
* JAPANESE MORNING STAR, DHOOP STICKS, ROPE INCENSE, PALO SANTO STICKS – any long incense  up to 29.5cm length, that can be laid along the bars.

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