* Any candles or incense pictured are NOT included with the burner.
* Choose from the Burner (which includes one circular gauze plate), or purchase an additional / replacement gauze plate (which DOES NOT come with a burner), before adding it to your cart.

A uniquely simple design, this brass CANDLE WARMED incense burner allows you to burn your favourite resins without using charcoal. Tealight candles are easy to find, quick to light, leave no mess and can be blown out and re-used multiple times, compared to single use (and sometimes messy) charcoal.

The decorative base sits on three raised legs with a recess for a standard sized tealight candle (not included), while the burning platform above is adjustable in height to move it closer or further from the flame. The incense platform contains a perforated brass gauze plate perfect for botanicals like resins, palo santo chips, sage leaves or wood pieces (best not used with fine incense ‘powders’ which may fall through). The gauze can be removed for cleaning, or additional spare plates are also available if you like to swap between different resins without cross contamination.

Approx 11cm in height from base to tip of stand, and approx 8cm in diameter at the base, made from high quality polished brass with a lovely weight, and a handmade wooden adjusting knob.

IMPORTANT: the brass will become particularly hot during use so avoid contact while your incense is burning. Always ensure that you take all care to ensure children or pets cannot access your censer while burning, and that the censer cannot be accidentally bumped etc. Always place your censer on a heat proof surface during use.

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