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* Any incense / charcoal pictured is NOT INCLUDED – available separately.

These finely handcrafted clay incense burners or ‘Makals’ are handmade in Nepal in beautiful unfinished matte ceramic. They are specially designed for resin or powder incense burned over charcoal tablets, but their larger / deeper size also makes them suitable for Nepalese Rope Incense, or as a smudging bowl for Smudge Sticks, Palo Santo or other botanicals. The handle on this incense burner makes it easy to carry when burning your incense, but do take extra care whenever moving lit incense or charcoal.

Larger burners are particularly hard to come by, and this one has a diameter of approx 13.5cm (not including the handle), and height of approx 6.5cm, allowing plenty of room for a charcoal tablet, or for smouldering botanicals like Palo Santo sticks. Gently hand decorated around the rim, with a simple plain design over the rest of the Makal.

As the exterior is made from natural ceramic clay, there may be occasional imperfections or small marks that are part of the joy of natural products, however these are of a very high and consistent quality.

TIP: Add a layer of sand or earth to the base of the censer to insulate against the heat and protect the surface of your burner.

Important: Always ensure that you take all care to ensure children or pets cannot access your censer while burning, and that the censer cannot be accidentally bumped etc. Always place your censer on a heat proof surface during use. NEVER use water to extinguish the charcoal in your censer as the quick change of temperature will damage your burner.

See our DISCOVER pages for our easy to follow PHOTO TUTORIAL on burning charcoal tablets.