Incense Burner – CLAY FISH & LEAF, Brown


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* Any incense pictured with burner is NOT included.

Completely handmade by women artisans of Thimi, Bhaktapur near the Kathmandu valley, these smaller sized pottery burners feature a fish resting on a leaf – fish are considered auspicious, denoting fearlessness whilst swimming in an ocean of misery and suffering. These burners have a larger hole for dhoop sticks, and a smaller one to hold standard Indian incense sticks with an inner bamboo stick (not suitable for particularly thick or chunky bamboo sticks).

Approx 6cm in length and 5cm width, handmade terracotta clay finished in a brown stain, made in Nepal. Being handmade dimensions may vary slightly, and each piece will feature unique imperfections, making every burner individual. Incense not included – available separately.

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