Incense Burner – CONE & STICK BURNER, ROUND TREE OF LIFE (Large Size)


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Possibly the most beautiful incense burner we have EVER seen. these stunning larger sized aluminium Tree of Life Incense Burners can be featured as a decorative platter when not in use, or as a burner plate for an incense cone or stick. The gorgeous raised tree of life design is finely polished, and three raised legs lift the burner to protect the surface below. The burner is a larger size, at approx 12cm across, and beautifully thick and sturdy. The cone recess in the roots of the tree fits a cone up to approx 10mm in diameter. The stick hole in the centre is a larger sized hole – perfect for our Auroshikha resin sticks; if using thinner or flimsy sticks try adding two sticks at a time for a more stable fit.

As always never burn incense unattended, and place over a heatproof surface if using sticks that might overreach the size of the base.

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