Incense Burner – SCREEN CENSER, RAISED BRASS (Honey Gold)


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* Any incense / charcoal pictured is NOT INCLUDED – available separately.

Suitable for burning self-igniting charcoal discs for use with resin or wood incense, these lovely little censers are made from solid brass, in a warm ‘honey gold’ finish. They are a smaller diameter (approx 6.5cm at the widest, and around 6.5cm in height from base to top of lid), designed to perfectly fit a 3.5cm charcoal tablet in the base section. The design is a raised pedestal, with a removable metal grid screen lid – a small wooden coaster is also included to protect the surface below from the heat of the metal.

Place your charcoal in the base (we recommend using TONGS to handle your charcoal for best access, due to the height of the censer), and add your resin on top of the charcoal disc once lit (see below for instructions). Place the screened lid on to allow the smoke to escape during use – you may also place resins or botanicals on the grid above if you need more subtle heat (try inverting the lid for a more stable dish if using this method).

TIP: Add a layer of sand or earth to the base of the censer to insulate against the heat and protect the surface of your burner.

HANDMADE METAL INCENSE BURNERS: Burners made by hand in small batches, occasionally have minor imperfections which is part of what makes them special and unique. They are NOT mass produced and so any small cosmetic imperfections are standard.

Important: Always ensure that you take all care to ensure children or pets cannot access your censer while burning, and that the censer cannot be accidentally bumped etc. Always place your censer on a heat proof surface during use. NEVER use water to extinguish the charcoal in your censer as the quick change of temperature will damage your burner.

See our DISCOVER pages for our easy to follow PHOTO TUTORIAL on burning charcoal tablets.