Incense Burner – TRIPOD STAND (for Abalone Smudging Shells)



* Any shells pictured are NOT INCLUDED – available separately.
* Choose your Tripod size from 4″ (suitable for 10-12cm shells) or 6″ (suitable for 13-15cm shells) before adding it to your cart.

Our HANDCARVED ‘COBRA’ TRIPOD HOLDERS are for use as stands for Abalone Shells (listed separately), which are traditionally used as a natural bowl to burn sage and other botanicals for smudging. These hand-carved tripods have been carved from a single piece of timber, with the three legs intertwined – simply open them out to create a stand to rest your shell (or other similar object). Made in India from unfinished natural timber that may be stained if desired.

Our 4″ sized tripod suits 10 – 12cm Abalone Shells. Height when opened is approx 5.5cm, with a width of approx 9cm from tip to tip.
Our 6″ sized tripod suits larger-sized 13 – 17cm Abalone Shells. Height when opened is approx 8cm, with a width of approx 13.5cm from tip to tip.

All care MUST be taken when using tripods as shells are all shaped differently and may be unsteady if bumped. Never leave lit incense / smudge sticks unattended and always take care around children or pets.

NOTE – as these tripods are hand-carved from natural timber, each tripod is different and may vary in shape or appearance with marks, carvings or imperfections, making each tripod distinctly unique.

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