Incense Cones – AQ Handmade ALL NATURAL NAG CHAMPA Pk of 8 Cones


Pack of 8 Handmade Incense Cones per purchase.

We have a limited run of all-natural handmade incense cones available, containing beautiful botanicals, resins and powders, handmade by women with no child labour (by the same manufacturers as our ‘top tier’ sticks), and completely charcoal free. They use a gorgeous base of makko powder and other natural botanicals, scented with natural essential oils, wood powders, resins like Dragons Blood or Myrrh, ground flowers and other exotic ingredients.

8 cones per pack, see our other listings for additional scents. Being entirely handmade, the cones all vary in size and shape, rather than being ‘pressed’ into moulds.

Visit our DISCOVER pages to learn more about incense types and how to burn them, HERE.