Incense Cones – AQ Handmade Bhutanese XL RIWO SANGCHOE


Our XL sized Bhutanese Incense Cones are handmade for us in Bhutan featuring entirely natural ingredients. At around 36mm in height & diameter of approx 18mm, they’re a much larger sized cone than most, and also burn for longer, with a very strong scent. Each pack contains 6 cones.

This sacred and rare Riwo Sangchoe Prayer cone incense is a combination of 108 medicinal and aromatic plants collected from the pristine and tranquil landscape of the Himalayas. A blend of six excellent medicinal ingredients, five aromatic herbs and Rinchen Nge Nga (five precious Gems). The fragrance and composition of Riwo Sangchoe Prayer cone incense is rich and exclusive, and it is an age old Buddhist tradition of special offering to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Guardian deities of the ten directions to purify negative karma and protect the spirit from the evil harm, obstacles and defilement.

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