Incense Cones – AQ Handmade Bhutanese XL ZAMBALA PRAYER


Our XL sized Bhutanese Incense Cones are handmade for us in Bhutan featuring entirely natural ingredients. At around 36mm in height & diameter of approx 18mm, they’re a much larger sized cone than most, and also burn for longer, with a very strong scent. Each pack contains 6 cones.

This rare sacred Zambala Prayer cone incense has been exclusively prepared as a special offering to Zambala, the lord of wealth and prosperity. A blend of 108 medicinal and aromatic plants collected from the pristine and tranquil landscape of the Himalayas, offering this precious incense to Zambala with utmost respect and true devotion is believed to enhance the goal of having a prosperous, healthy and successful life. The scent is deep and pleasantly herbal.

INGREDIENTS INCLUDE: Shukpa, Safflower, Guggul. Saldhoop, Sandalwood, five precious gems, six excellent medicinal herbs, three whites and sweets, nine grains, various silk and brocade.

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