* Made from pure COPAL RESIN, pack of 10 thick, longer-sized 25cm sticks

Auroshikha Resin Incense Sticks combine the gorgeous scents of pure natural resins & botanicals like Frankincense, Myrrh or Sandalwood, into the simplicity of ‘stick’ form, making them as easy to use as your standard Indian incense stick, yet with the purity of resin. At approx 25cm in length and a very thick size, they are particularly strong in scent as well as being long burning. Handmade in India by Auroshikha, our ethical incense manufacturer of choice where all of their profits go back to the community who makes them.

Copal resin comes from a family of trees known as Bursera, originating from South America. Being made with pure resins, their scent is lush and rich. The fragrance has a resinous minty / lemon undertone (not unlike Frankincense), which is uplifting, and is used to purify the atmosphere and clear negative energies.

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