Incense Sticks Pack – AQ Handmade CLASSICS BAG (4 pks + Burner)


Our AQ Handmade Range represents some of the finest incense on offer, featuring natural ingredients you can actually see on the stick. Made using the traditional ‘masala’ method of blending naturally aromatic botanicals, woods, resins and spices into a paste and rolling it around an inner bamboo stick – resulting in a much purer, more natural scent than you’ll find with cheap sticks made by ‘dipping’ absorbent sawdust-coated sticks into synthetic fragrances and chemicals. You’ll notice the difference in quality and scent the moment you open the pack.

Included are FOUR 10-STICK PACKS of some of the most classic incense scents:
* FRANKINCENSE: You can truly smell the Frankincense resin in these sticks, perfect for meditation
* NAG CHAMPA PATCHOULI: A luscious, deep blend of two of the most popular incense scents
* OUDH: A uniquely fresh and light scent to create a relaxed environment
* SACRED SANDALWOOD: The warm, smooth scent of revered premium quality Sandalwood
* A handmade TIMBER ASHCATCHER (style / design / colour may vary from the one pictured)
* Presented in a GIFT BAG for handy storage or gifting.

Visit our DISCOVER pages to learn more about incense types and how to burn them, HERE.