Japanese Incense – Ka-Fuh HINOKI (Japanese Cypress)


An environmentally friendly natural incense stick made from selected natural organic ingredients, Ka-Fuh is the scent of flowers on the wind, a moving encounter in the forest. These stunning incense sticks by Nippon Kodo are made from natural materials – a fusion of Japanese craftsmanship that has been passed down for more than 400 years, along with the latest incense techniques, perfect for the lifestyles of people today. Like most Japanese ‘koh’ sticks, Ka-Fuh incense has faint smoke and a mild scent that lingers in your mind – perfect for those who enjoy a more subtle scent. For a stronger fragrance, burn a couple of sticks at a time.

Each pack contains 50 delicate, bamboo-free sticks (approx 14cm in length – longer than Nippon Kodo’s Morning Star range) plus a small ceramic burning tile. Place over a heatproof dish to burn. Made in Japan.

HINOKI (Japanese Cypress) is the fragrance of the graceful “Hinoki” tree, which stretches straight toward the sky and is the home of the Japanese spirit. The scent is sophisticated and refreshing, recreating the pure scent of nature. One of our all-time favourite incense fragrances.

NOTE RE BURNERS: As Japanese incense does not have a bamboo inner stick, these sticks will NOT work with Indian incense box burners or ashcatchers that require the bamboo to be inserted into a hole in the burner. Use the included burning tile or choose a burner or burner box suitable for Japanese incense.

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