Japanese Incense – Morning Star SAGE


Traditional Japanese style incense sticks created by Nippon Kodo in the 1960’s, Morning Star offers a large choice of wonderful fragrances, mixed with high quality ingredients. The calming scents produce less smoke than traditional incense sticks making them perfect for smaller spaces or a more subtle scent – burn a couple at once for a stronger scent. Use anywhere to create a mood of tranquility to relax the spirit & the body – 50 delicate, bamboo-free sticks (approx 12cm in length) plus a small ceramic burning tile in each pack, place over a heatproof dish to burn. Made in HK/Vietnam.

NOTE RE BURNERS: As Japanese incense does not have a bamboo inner stick, these sticks will NOT work with Indian incense box burners or ashcatchers that require the bamboo to be inserted into a hole in the burner. Use the included burning tile or choose a burner or burner box suitable for Japanese incense.

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